Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Reward

The other day, I asked if you could guess what was on its way to my house.
Do you think you know?
One last hint:

It's not a very big box, is it? 
Certainly not large enough to hold
the culmination of months of effort.
Mine and many others.
So, are you ready for the big reveal?

Here they are, the advance copies of Rancher's Son
Most of them will go to reviewers.  A few I'll tuck away...forever.
In the meantime, I have something else to give away. 
If you'd like a Rancher's Son autographed bookmark, send your snail mail address to me at:  leigh@leighduncan.com


  1. Yay, I guessed correctly. Looks like another fabulous read to me. Congrats!!

  2. Cyndi, Laurie,

    Thanks for stopping by. The cover for Rancher's Son is my absolute fav (so far!). I hope you'll like the book.