Monday, February 25, 2013

The Grascals Live

If you're looking for the best in bluegrass music, look no further than The Grascals, the 2013 Instrumental Group of the Year. 

The Grascals at the Emma Parrish Theater in Titusville February 22nd, 2013
Hubby and I were thrilled with The Grascals' performance at the Titusville Playhouse last Friday night.  The rafters were really kept time with the beat as this awesome bluegrass band treated the sold-out crowd to great hits like Dooley, White Lightning, Today I Started Loving You Again and Don't Tell Mama.  
This venue, once an old-timey movie theater, offers great accoustics, and the limited seating almost lets you feel as if you're on-stage with the band.
One side note, we'd never been to the theater before and were thrilled when we were assured our seats would be in "one of the first six rows."  Ha ha.  That little joke was on us as there are only six rows in the theater.
Seriously, though, it was a terrific concert.  Afterwards, the entire band stuck around to sign autographs and let folks take pictures, which was soooo very nice of them!  I enjoyed every minute of it.  Which you can probably tell by the grin on my face. 
Terry Edridge of the Grascals and me after the concert.

Monday, February 18, 2013

A New Contract!!

Yep, that's me.  Signing a brand spanking new contract with Harlequin American Romance for...

                  Wait for it...

                                  FOUR more books!   

The first, Major League Dad, pits the widow of baseball's bad boy against a Little League coach who insists that playing ball will dissolve the boulder-sized chip on her son's shoulder.  Courtney Lloyd's view of organized sports--and the men who play them--has been so warped that she refuses to let her own son own a catcher's mitt.  Travis Oak spent his twenties struggling to make it into The Show before three broken ribs ended his career as a pitcher.  Hampered by crushed dreams, Travis now spends his days as an elementary school PE teacher and Little League coach while he struggles to find a new purpose for his life.  A chance to mold raw talent might offer just the opportunity he's looking for when a school yard fight forces Courtney to choose between expulsion or Little League for ten-year-old Josh.  But only if Travis can convince the slim blonde with the baby on one hip and desperation in her blue eyes he has her son's best interests at heart.  To do that, this former minor league baseball player might just become a major league dad. 

Following Major League Dad is a three-book series that spins off from Rancher's Son.  (Did you know Rancher's Son hit #1 in sales of Harlequin American Romance in Amazon's Kindle Store?)  Set on the Circle P, the Rancher's Homecoming series tells the stories of long-time ranch manager Seth's five sons--a rootless rodeo star, a busted real estate developer, a dedicated teacher, and two rough-and-tumble cowboys--who all find love and happiness on a south Florida ranch.

All four books are slated for release beginning early in 2014, which means I'l be busy, busy, busy writing them this year. 

I can't think of a better way to spend the time, can you?