Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Guess Who Knocked On My Door This Morning

Bright and early this morning, the DHL courier delivered the line edits for Rancher's Son, my fourth book for Harlequin American Romance.  My editor just shipped them out yesterday--from Canada--and here they are in Florida already.    

Her job with the Department of Children and Family Services has exposed Sarah Magarity to the worst side of parenting, so much so that the altruistic red-head has vowed never to have children of her own.  Fourth-generation cattleman Ty Parker looks into his childless future and wonders what will become of the ranch he’s worked so hard to preserve.  His answer might be a five-year-old boy abandoned on DCF’s doorstep, but only if the cowboy convinces the jaded social worker that he’s good father material on a two-week cattle drive through Florida’s version of the Old West.      

Rancher's Son was sooo much fun to write and now, with this morning's delivery, the book is another step closer to its December release date.  Stay tuned for more news about Rancher's Son.

And don't forget, Rodeo Daughter hits store shelves on June 6th!  This RT Book Reviews Top Pick for June delivers the laughs, tears and happily-ever-after we love to read. 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Rodeo Daughter An RT Top Pick!

A couple of weeks ago, when my good friend Elle Saint James returned from the awesome RT Convention, she brought with her several copies of RT Book Reviews.  Looking over this leading review source for all things romance, Elle and I oh’d and ah’d over her publisher’s full-page spread featuring a book in her latest series along with the writings of another good friend.  Then, we set the magazine aside and got to work.  She was writing the tenth book in a series.  I was working on a proposal for my next Harlequin American. 
At lunch that day, I picked up the May issue of RT Book Reviews again and flipped through it.  Hmmm, I noted.  Historical Reviews for June releases.  Then it hit me, this was the issue that would list my June release, Rodeo Daughter.  I paged to the Contemporary Series section and squealed! 
Rodeo Daughter had received a coveted 4 1/2 star review!   

“Turn the page,” said Elle.  “See if it’s a Top Pick.” 
I did and it was!  Much shouting and jubilation followed!

“Readers better hold on to the tissue box during Duncan’s heart-wrenching look at modern custody issues,” wrote reviewer Pat Cooper.  The heroine of Rodeo Daughter, Amanda Markette, rode her way to a gold buckle in Las Vegas before walking away from the professional rodeo circuit to earn a degree in family law.  After spending years performing in one arena after another, Amanda longed to put down roots.  She swore that, if and when she ever married, home and family would be her number one priority.
 His career is lead prosecutor Mitch Goodwin’s number one priority.  He stands on the brink of achieving all he’s ever wanted when the DA plans to name Mitch as his successor.  But the last person Mitch expects to represent his ex-wife in a custody suit for his adorably head-strong daughter is none other than Amanda Markette, the girl he fell head-over-heels for one summer at rodeo camp.  When a playground mishap forces Mitch and Amanda to spend time together, they walk an ethical tightrope as old feelings come to the surface again.  

I hope you’ll take a chance on Rodeo Daughter when it hits store shelves on June 5th.  If you're in the area, stop by the Barnes & Noble in Melbourne between 5 and 7 to pick up an autographed copy.  I'd love to see you there and hear from you after you've read the book.