Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Sweet Romance!

The return label on the box I found in my mail slot yesterday read Harlequin.

“Hmmmm,” I said. "What could it be?"

It was way too early to receive advance copies of my third Harlequin American Romance. Rodeo Daughter won’t hit store shelves until June.

Carefully, carefully, I split the tape and opened the box. Inside, a very welcome surprise—copies of the Mills and Boon release of The Daddy Catch. From Australia. Wow! I’m thrilled to write for Harlequin American Romance, but knowing one of my books has been published in another country is simply amazing.

And isn’t that cover beautiful!

Here’s a great big shout-out to all my new readers and friends in Australia and best wishes that you get hooked on the romance of The Daddy Catch.


  1. I LOVE this cover. So sweet. I want to hug it

  2. I did, too, Cyndi! "Love Affairs That Last A Lifetime"--that's how Mills & Boon describes their Sweet Romance series. Isn't that perfect for The Daddy Catch?

  3. Wonderful cover! They're gonna love you in Australia :^)

  4. Karen, so glad you like the cover, too!