Monday, April 11, 2011

With Edge of Sight, the award-winning Roxanne St. Claire once again delivers on her promise to give the reader a heart-thumping page turner. Hunky, strong, proficient heros are Roxanne's forte, and Zach Angelino definitely follows the pattern. But more than ever before, the author provides insight into what actually makes Zack tick which, in turn, makes him more alive and super appealing. A great story from opening scene to closing line, Edge of Sight kicks off a new series and leaves the reader breathlessly waiting for the next Guardian Angelino book.

With every new book, Roxanne St. Claire raises the standard in Romantic Suspense and, with Shiver of Fear, she’s done it again. A hero who comes so alive the pages actually crackle with sexual tension. A beautiful widow who hides her secrets behind a shell of utter perfection. An adoptee’s search for birth parents. Bio-terrorism. Intrigue. Flying bullets. All set against the amazing backdrop of Ireland’s massive cemeteries, ancient churches and cobblestone streets. Wow!
This one goes on the Keeper Shelf alongside Edge of Sight while I wait, rather impatiently, for the third book in this series, Face of Danger.

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