Monday, August 2, 2010

Leigh's Best Moments of the 2010 RWA Conference

That's fellow Harlequin American author Laura Bradford and Yours Truly on the big screen at the amazing Harlequin party Friday evening. And below are some of my fav moments from the 2010 RWA Conference.

Biggest thrill - Debbie Macomber stopped in hall to speak with me… And she knew my name!

Best news - My editor, Laura Barth, wants to see more of my new proposal and thinks the story is on the right track. Yay!

Best Business News - Sales of romance books are up 7% and publishers are buying! E-books are bringing romance to wider markets.

Best Moment – As the RITA finalists were announced, I turned just in time to see Barbara O’Neal grab Christopher Robin’s hand. So touchingly sweet. Such a well-deserved win!

Best Banquet – The first, of course. Lunch-time Thursday, the meal included herb-crusted chicken with baby patty pan squash. (The same chicken with a different sauce was slightly less wonderful on Friday, and definitely not so wonderful on Saturday night. LOL)

Best coffee - The first cup I poured myself on Monday home.

Best new friends - Met with several Harlequin American Romance authors who, like me, have just a couple of books under their belts. C.C. Coburn, Megan Long, Laura Bradford, Dominique Burton and Barbara. I am so proud to be among this group of fabulous writers.

Best and Most Nerve-wracking Moment - Meeting my editor, Laura Barth, in person for the first time. I shouldn't have worried. She's even more encouraging and receptive in person than she is on the phone and in her emails.

Best Vicarious Moments - Hearing all about the VIP treatment the Dolphin GM lavished on good friends Roxanne St. Claire, Kristen Painter, Lara Santiago, Kresley Cole and Louisa Edwards. Oh, to be a few years younger and blonde! There’s not much I can do about the years, but there’s a bottle of Clairol Golden Ash in my future. See you in New York, girls!

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  1. Show me a face, and I'll remember it for-evah. But names? Not so much. Sometimes, that causes my face to turn red...and this is one of those times. That was fellow Harlequin American author Megan Kelly (not editorial assistant Megan Long) whose company I enjoyed at the conference. My apologies to both.